Adams Family Roofing treats customers like family.

Family isn’t just a part of our name. It’s something we put at the very center of our business. Our goal is for everyone, client and employee alike, to feel like they’re part of the Adams family. When you contract with us for roof and gutter repair or replacement, you can expect high-quality roofing services alongside a dedication to service, integrity, and honesty.

That’s why we’re the most trusted roofing company in Mineola. If you have a leaky roof in need of repair or are looking for a replacement, contact us today to schedule a free inspection.

Reliable Roofing Services In Mineola

The professionals at Adams Family Roofing understand that a leaky roof can be distressing. Your home, your possessions, and your peace of mind are all at risk. The longer that leak goes on, the more damage can spread. That’s why when you contact Adams Family Roofing to schedule a roofing inspection, we get someone there fast.

Once we’ve completed our inspection, we waste no time getting a team of professional roofers out there to fix your roof. We’ll complete our work in a day or less so that you can rest easy knowing that your home is safe from further damage. Timely service is part of our dedication to treating you like family.

If our Mama’s roof was leaking, we wouldn’t waste a few weeks putting it off, and we won’t do that to clients either.

Fast, Honest Roof Repair In Mineola

We’ve seen a Texas thunderstorm turn a slow leak into a deluge a lot of times. A ceiling that drips during a rainstorm could really indicate a large roof problem. Left untreated, it will continue to get worse. It’s possible you have a minor problem, but it’s better to get it fixed now before it gets worse.

Adams Family Roofing offers full roof repair services in Mineola and the surrounding area. Big or small, we’ll send a roof inspector to your home to take a look and see if you need a repair or if a quick patch could fix you up.

Part of our commitment to treating clients like family is being honest about their roof problems. We never sell roof repairs. If you need them, we’ll tell you exactly what you need--no embellishments, no tall tales. If you want us to take a look at a leaky roof, contact us today. We’ll send someone out to take a look.

Emergency Roof Repairs In Mineola

If your roof has been damaged in a storm and you need emergency roof repairs, Adams Family Roofing will have someone out there today to take a look. We’ll send a team out with a tarp to protect you and your home while we gather materials for the repair. We wouldn’t make our mama wait for emergency repairs and we won’t make you, either.

If you need emergency repairs call us immediately. We’ll have someone there today to take a look at your home.

5-Year Craftsmanship Warranty

We stand by our work and put our money where our mouth is. That’s why we offer a 5-year craftsmanship warranty on every roof repair and replacement we do. If anything--and we mean anything--is wrong with your roof, we’ll come out there and fix it. No questions asked.

When we perform your repair or replacement, we’ll also file the warranties on any material we use. That way, if something goes wrong, you’re covered. Of course, we’ll come out there and install the replacement materials too.

Fast, Reliable Roof Replacement In Mineola

We bring the same dedication to family-style service to our roof installation services. When you contact us about a roof replacement, we’ll send someone there to perform a free inspection. After we give you a quote for a full roof installation, we can have a team there fast to install your new roof in days--not weeks.

We understand that a roof replacement can be disruptive. No one wants to hear people walking around on their roof during a family dinner. That’s why for most roof replacement jobs, we’ll be done within a day. We want to get your new, high-quality roof installed with as little disruption to your life as possible.

If you’re in the market for a new roof in Mineola, contact Adams Family Roofing today to schedule an inspection.

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Customer Reviews

  •  Very impressive from start to finish. The entire team delivered a high quality roof on time and in a very professional manner with the utmost Integrity. Highly recommend John and his team. 5 Stars. 

    Michael Dewey
  •  Adams Family Roofing did an awesome job installing gutter guards on our home. They are very professional and quick to respond. Very fair pricing. I highly recommend them.  

    Mike Crist
  •  John Adams was on time, courteous, professional, and completed the work on time and on budget. I highly recommend Adams Family Roofing.  

    Keith Thrash
  •  Came early, my tenant said great job, multiple buildings roofs matched. Wish they could roof a house I have in Louisiana as I was treated well. Would definitely recommend.  

    donald shipley

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Install Metal Roofs?
Yes! We’ve worked on metal roofs throughout East Texas, both repairing and installing them. We have the experience to help you with your metal roofing needs.

Do You Work On Flat Roofs?
Yes! Flat roofs are great on a modern home but can be troublesome for people who haven’t worked on them before. We have extensive experience with flat roofs and know what to expect when repairing or replacing them.

Do You Offer Financing?
Yes! We learned early on that roof emergencies don’t always happen when your budget allows. That’s why we offer financing through Mosaic financing.